Dale Holt

Chairman / President


Dale Holt is native to Horry County and resides in Loris, SC with his wife Tammy.  They have two sons, Trace, a dental student at MUSC and Logan a student at Loris High School.  Dale entered into Sales and Marketing after attending Clemson University and for the past 30 years has served as Vice President of ForYou, Inc..  Over the past several years Dale has been actively involved in his Church serving on several committees as well as serving as deacon and member of the choir.  A love of music and missions has lead him to become actively involved in local and national outreach missions and has offered him the opportunity to travel all across America serving in rescue missions, homeless shelters, food pantries and various others community service programs.

The birth of his youngest son, Logan, began a journey into a new frontier for Dale and his family.  After adjusting and coping with some health issues that Logan had at birth, it was discovered that he also had Autism.  Dale and his family quickly learned of the challenges faced in communicating and functioning by someone with autism as well as see how they fit in with peers.  For Dale, Buck Creek Foundation will provide a way for Logan and others with similar conditions to have a sense of normalcy in their life as well as feeling a sense of accomplishment and achievement.  To have a community that is a safe and nurturing environment where Logan can function normally and experience personal growth and contribute to society would be a Utopian experience.